FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption,

has been engineered so that it can be stored and executed from any location / media.

For Example :

  • For An Advanced Installation of FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption.

  1. Open the downloaded disk image ‘FooCrypt.0.0.1.Core.Darwin.dmg


2. Enter the password for the disk image.


3. You may need to modify your security settings to allow FooCrypt to run as an identified developer application via ‘Security and Privacy’ Settings in the ‘Systems Preferences’ of your macOS



4. Read and AGREE to the Licensing Terms and Conditions.


5. Once the disk image has been opened successfully by entering the correct password, all you have to do is open ​via your preferred method of installing an Application to any location you desire.


6. Simply drag and drop, the Application Bundle to the location you desire.

For Example :

  • /Applications                                               [ For all users of your computer to have access to FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption. ]
  • [ Your Home Directory ]/Applications     [ For Just you to access to FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption. ]
  • [ Any Absolute PATH NAME ]                    [ For Just you to access to FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption. ]

Such as :

  1. An External Disk Drive
  2. A Network Attached Storage Device


There are some exemptions to the ‘ABSOLUTE PATH NAME’ which must be adhered to for FooCrypt to function appropiatly.
See ‘FROM ANYWHERE BUT‘ for further details.
Then simply open the FooCrypt Application Bundle via your preferred method.


7. FooCrypt, will then run and display as an icon in your ‘DOCK


8. FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption utilises temporary filesystem storage for it usage. By DEFAULT, the ABSOLUTE PATH NAME of the storage location is :

[ USER HOME DIRECTORY ]/Library/Caches/net.Cryptopocalypse.FooCrypt

which contains :

  • .FooKey                                                                             [ DEFAULT FooKey Location and DEMONSTRATION FooKey’s ]
  • .FooCrypt                                                                          [ FooCrypt Startup Preferences ]
  • .FooCrypt_Preferences                                                   [ FooCrypt User Preferences ]
  • .FooCrypt.Key                                                                   [ FooCrypt Licensing File ]
  • .FooCrypt.Lic                                                                     [ FooCrypt Licensing File ]
  • [ YYYYMMDDHHMMSS ]_[ HOSTNAME ]_FooCrypt    [ Temporary and Log File Directory created upon each invocation of FooCrypt. ]

For an Advanced Installation, it is recommended that the ‘LOGS HOME’ Directory be encrypted via your preferred method of FULL DISK Encryption.

The [ LOGS HOME ] Temporary and Log File Directory, can be modified upon starting FooCrypt via the Preferences window to any location you desire to meet your own personal security standards. Please ensure the ‘FROM ANYWHERE BUT‘ is adhered to.

It is also recommended that the ‘LOGS HOME’ directory, be backed up to ensure a suitable recovery of FooCrypt, that meets your requirements.