FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption
Basic Security Profile


Operating System instance security model constraints ( Applicable security models )
Programming languages security constraints ( Tcl/Tk, KSH, C, Expect )
POSIX compliance constraints ( )
We trust that your OS Instance Is Secure and Compliant
​FooCrypt runs from ANYWHERE, except ANYWHERE BUT
Software keyboard & software mouse clicks which are all internal to the programming language
View able text controlled by colour schemes
Identifiable cursor positioning
Binary key sources are unlimited
Random data key sources are unlimited
Key length per encryption cycle of the cypher is maxed by DEFAULT
Cypher selection is limited to any available cypher engine you have access to ( OpenSSL by DEFAULT )
Number of total cycles are only constrained by time and hardware constraints
50 cycles ( layers ) of encryption is the DEFAULT configuration which contains 25650 total characters, 24250 random / binary sourced characters @ 512 characters per cycle, protected by MD5 Checksums, which is encrypted in a single cycle ( layer ) of encryption by DEFAULT.

By DEFAULT, FooCrypt establishes a password strength with 4.18640577277337772e+1016 Possible Combinations using any data as a source to create a FooKey, including your least favourite tune, or extremely fuzzy ID Photo.